Saturday, January 11, 2014

Review on Natalie

Hi everybody Happy New Year and Merry Late Christmas! I'm SO-SO-SO SORRY that I haven't posted in a while you don't know how awful I feel but I know there is no excuse for that and thank you for my wonderful followers that have not left me because I don't post often but one of my resolutions is to post at least once a week. But enough of my rambling so for Christmas(and I'm not tying to brag, I am so grateful that I got her) I got a MAG doll and guess who she is!!!!!!!!!!! :)

HERES A CLUE: She has hazel eyes ^_^

If you guessed #44 then you are CORRECT!!!!^_^
And her name is Natalie. She SO CUTE and her head is tilted a little but all #44 (I think) is like that but it makes her unique:)
She comes in a pink graphic tee with little flowers on it.
A lot of people say it looks like a baby onesie with the tabs on the shoulders but I think it looks cute. :) 

Also in a Gray skirt that has double ribbon on it that is pink it is very light weight, stretchy, and very causal to mix-n-match. 

Her underwear is a very light pink color.

She comes with a charm keeper that I now being sold separately for $8(a little pricey much:/ ) 

Overall she is a very well made doll and SO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I give her 5 star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^_^
But note that I recommend her to ages 12+ because of her curls are hard to manage but if you are younger and want her I recommend to be patient when doing her hair.
These are the things that came with her  when I ordered her :)
The Holiday catalogue

I forgot to mention but comes with the innerstar u code

A free issue of the American Girl Magazine

Free Stickers

A doll hair salon voucher.
Good for a free $10 hairstyle for one 18'' American Girl doll at the Doll Hair Salon in any American Girl retail store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)  ( I WAS NOT EXPECTING THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^)

And lastly a free American Girl Photo Book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
So thank you so much for reading this and you probably don't know this but I love free stuff, especially American Girl brand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
So down below in the comments tell me what you got for Christmas!

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