Monday, April 21, 2014


Hi girls its Gaby and I will be leaving this blog because i don't use my dolls anymore. but I still will be having my dolls when I come back which will hopefully be soon but until further notice i will not continue to write its just i've been really busy and i've started taking interest in other things. so yeah.Hopefully i'll be back soon so bye!


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Doll-Sized Finds

Hi Girls its Dalia and today I will be posting doll sized finds from the thrift store. So lets get started!!!!!!!:)

First we got this set for a goody bag

It came with this photo album thing

Inside it has the space for two pictures
This pack of stickers

This little journal it also came with lollypops but they were like 11 years old tops:)

A mini trophy

Performing without stage fright book

A Perfect Melody book

This is my favorite find: this dolly sized chair!

Here I am modeling it:)

And lastly we have a cute mini Molly that  only cost $1.70(I think)
So that's it for now and I'm probably going to do a American Girl book collection post. Bye!
                          LOVE YOU

Saturday, March 15, 2014


HI EVERYBODY ITS CONSUELO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And TODAY is the 13th birthday of my sweet big sissy!!!!!!!!!! SO WITHOUT FURTHER ADO HERE ARE THE PICTURES OF THE BIRTHDAY GIRL...DALIA!!!!!!!!

Shes wearing a pink lets celebrate American Girl shirt, a jean skirt, and tall brown boots 

She is wearing a diamond crown 

She decided to leave her hair down and I think she looks ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So that's it for today there will be a doll-sized finds this week.

Friday, March 14, 2014

25 random facts about...ME!!!!!!!!!!

Hello everybody its Natalie and today I will be naming 25 facts about me(A/N: Hi its Gaby and Natalie is a mini-me so all the facts are about me:))So lets get started!^_^

  1. I am shy
  2. I LOVE One Direction
  3. I sing well
  4. I LoVe Cimorelli
  5. I have good grades
  6. My favorite color is pink
  8. I write stories
  9. The book I'm currently reading is called "The Fault in Our Stars" AND LOVING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
  10. I love MacBarbie07 and StilaBabe09(YouTube)
  11. My friends are the BEST
  12. I love quotes
  13. My favorite AGTubers are Basilmentos, MyFroggyStuff, and DollyPhotography:)
  14. My other favorite YouTubers are MeganLovesBieber8, Our2ndLife, Zoella and so much more
  15. I love all those cutesy little vintage designs
  16. I love to read
  17. My favorite songs are Here's to never growing up, Moments, Happily, Strong, Tell me a lie, Something great, Diana, Don't forget where you belong, and They don't know about us, and more(by the time I finish I will be a paragraph:)
  18. I'm 12 years old
  19. I love Domo
  20. My favorite song quote is "I cant be no superman, but for you I'll be superhuman"(Save you tonight By One Direction)
  21. I love the book "I Am The Messenger " by Markus Zusak
  22. I love to do DIYs
  23. I love to wear printed leggings
  24. I like to draw lyric art
  25. I'm in 7th grade
So that's pretty much it so bye!


Monday, March 3, 2014


HELLO EVERYONE!!!!I GOT EXCITING NEWS!!!!!! Today is the birthday of one of my dearest friends! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIE-GRACE!!!!!:) Today she turned 13th years. So she dressed in a pink(of course) gown.

More news:
Coming soon
Doll-Sized Finds!
Photo stories!
And More!

                                                Love Molly<3<3<3

Sunday, February 16, 2014


So I haven't done a craft in my whole blogging lifetime(exaggeration much????)but its true:).So I was thinking if you have a craft request or something but I was thing of making a tutorial for a foldable room but I have to get my supplies next weekend. But anyway if you have a craft request comment down below:) Thanks for listening:)

                               FROM:The AG Sisters Gang:)

OOTD 2-16

HEY EVERY ONE!!!!!!!!!!(just realized I used all caps, too lazy to rewrite it:P)Elizabeth here(LONG time no see, my apologize)  and to day is a wonderful episode of Outfit Of The Day! That's right my blog is a TV show.JK:)but that would be so cool:) Back to serious business

Me on my phone after school

The next few pictures are me with my outfit on


A close-up


My dress is from the "Pretty in Plaid Outfit"

Lastly my hair is in a high ponytail and I was barefoot but you probably didn't want to see my feet:)

Monday, January 20, 2014

Doll Loft Bed Tour!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Hi everyone its Consuelo and today I will be showing you our Loft Bed! Lets get started!^_^

So here is when all the girls hang in the loft bed

So this is the bed. The banket  is a white curtain folded up.


The throw blanket is a black fluffy one that I made

On the ledge we have the winter hats and scarfs hung
Next we have the space under the bed

So in the corner we have a desk that is made by two American girl clothes boxes. On top we have a pair of glasses and an iPad

So this is the chair next to the desk

Next to the desk we have a little sitting area with a pillow on it

One top of the desk we have a purple balloon, a vase with white flowers, and American Girl Doll, Josefina and a basket full of books 

In the opposite corner of the desk there is a white bookshelf and on the side there are folded shopping bags

At the top there is a picnic basket full of toys
So in the first shelf we have a various amount of different school supplies

In the second shelf we have a few figurines, self-stampers and a wii remote
Lastly we have a pink sewing box, an American Girl shopping bag, a radio, and a pony statue.
                                    Until next time,

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Updated Family Photo

Hi everybody its the AG Sisters and today this is a quick post. So since almost a month ago Natalie Joined the family and here is an updated family photo. Enjoy:)

(From left to right)Top Row: Molly(HC 1944),Marie Grace(HC 1853), Consuelo(H4H),Natalie(MAG #44).Bottom Row: Kanani(GOTY 2011),Dalia(MAG #?), Josefina(HC 1824)
The AG Sisters

Sunday, January 12, 2014

OOTD 1-8-2014

Hi everybody its Elizabeth and Consuelo and today we wanted to do OOTD today and sorry for not doing it for 2 months , its been really busy around the house and I'll probably post this once a week. So lets get started!:)

Today I went to a cheerleading meet and here is my outfit
(Sorry its sideways)

My hair is in a high bun

My outfit is a navy blue color(from the Springfield collection)
I made the bag out of a sock and ribbon that holds my pom-poms

My shoes are pink flats(American Girl)

Hi everybody its Consuelo and I tagged along with Elizabeth so this is what I wore

My hair is loose and flowing as always

My shirt is a Chicago Fire soccer team shirt(from an Aflac stuffed animal from a soccer expo, it fits her loosely)
The necklace is a pink one with a tiara charm
The purse is a white one with a green strap and green bow(I made is myself)
The skirt is a long denim pencil skirt...I think...?(it came when I got Consuelo I think its from a school outfit from H4H girls. 
So that's it for OOTD so see you next time!!!!!:)
Consuelo & Elizabeth 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Review on Natalie

Hi everybody Happy New Year and Merry Late Christmas! I'm SO-SO-SO SORRY that I haven't posted in a while you don't know how awful I feel but I know there is no excuse for that and thank you for my wonderful followers that have not left me because I don't post often but one of my resolutions is to post at least once a week. But enough of my rambling so for Christmas(and I'm not tying to brag, I am so grateful that I got her) I got a MAG doll and guess who she is!!!!!!!!!!! :)

HERES A CLUE: She has hazel eyes ^_^

If you guessed #44 then you are CORRECT!!!!^_^
And her name is Natalie. She SO CUTE and her head is tilted a little but all #44 (I think) is like that but it makes her unique:)
She comes in a pink graphic tee with little flowers on it.
A lot of people say it looks like a baby onesie with the tabs on the shoulders but I think it looks cute. :) 

Also in a Gray skirt that has double ribbon on it that is pink it is very light weight, stretchy, and very causal to mix-n-match. 

Her underwear is a very light pink color.

She comes with a charm keeper that I now being sold separately for $8(a little pricey much:/ ) 

Overall she is a very well made doll and SO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I give her 5 star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^_^
But note that I recommend her to ages 12+ because of her curls are hard to manage but if you are younger and want her I recommend to be patient when doing her hair.
These are the things that came with her  when I ordered her :)
The Holiday catalogue

I forgot to mention but comes with the innerstar u code

A free issue of the American Girl Magazine

Free Stickers

A doll hair salon voucher.
Good for a free $10 hairstyle for one 18'' American Girl doll at the Doll Hair Salon in any American Girl retail store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)  ( I WAS NOT EXPECTING THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^)

And lastly a free American Girl Photo Book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
So thank you so much for reading this and you probably don't know this but I love free stuff, especially American Girl brand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
So down below in the comments tell me what you got for Christmas!