Sunday, January 12, 2014

OOTD 1-8-2014

Hi everybody its Elizabeth and Consuelo and today we wanted to do OOTD today and sorry for not doing it for 2 months , its been really busy around the house and I'll probably post this once a week. So lets get started!:)

Today I went to a cheerleading meet and here is my outfit
(Sorry its sideways)

My hair is in a high bun

My outfit is a navy blue color(from the Springfield collection)
I made the bag out of a sock and ribbon that holds my pom-poms

My shoes are pink flats(American Girl)

Hi everybody its Consuelo and I tagged along with Elizabeth so this is what I wore

My hair is loose and flowing as always

My shirt is a Chicago Fire soccer team shirt(from an Aflac stuffed animal from a soccer expo, it fits her loosely)
The necklace is a pink one with a tiara charm
The purse is a white one with a green strap and green bow(I made is myself)
The skirt is a long denim pencil skirt...I think...?(it came when I got Consuelo I think its from a school outfit from H4H girls. 
So that's it for OOTD so see you next time!!!!!:)
Consuelo & Elizabeth 

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