Monday, January 20, 2014

Doll Loft Bed Tour!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Hi everyone its Consuelo and today I will be showing you our Loft Bed! Lets get started!^_^

So here is when all the girls hang in the loft bed

So this is the bed. The banket  is a white curtain folded up.


The throw blanket is a black fluffy one that I made

On the ledge we have the winter hats and scarfs hung
Next we have the space under the bed

So in the corner we have a desk that is made by two American girl clothes boxes. On top we have a pair of glasses and an iPad

So this is the chair next to the desk

Next to the desk we have a little sitting area with a pillow on it

One top of the desk we have a purple balloon, a vase with white flowers, and American Girl Doll, Josefina and a basket full of books 

In the opposite corner of the desk there is a white bookshelf and on the side there are folded shopping bags

At the top there is a picnic basket full of toys
So in the first shelf we have a various amount of different school supplies

In the second shelf we have a few figurines, self-stampers and a wii remote
Lastly we have a pink sewing box, an American Girl shopping bag, a radio, and a pony statue.
                                    Until next time,