Thursday, March 27, 2014

Doll-Sized Finds

Hi Girls its Dalia and today I will be posting doll sized finds from the thrift store. So lets get started!!!!!!!:)

First we got this set for a goody bag

It came with this photo album thing

Inside it has the space for two pictures
This pack of stickers

This little journal it also came with lollypops but they were like 11 years old tops:)

A mini trophy

Performing without stage fright book

A Perfect Melody book

This is my favorite find: this dolly sized chair!

Here I am modeling it:)

And lastly we have a cute mini Molly that  only cost $1.70(I think)
So that's it for now and I'm probably going to do a American Girl book collection post. Bye!
                          LOVE YOU