Sunday, June 16, 2013

A New Do' With A BANG!!

Hi girls, I have a new hairstyle that is super easy and your friends will be SSSOOO jealous and will ask if you got your hair done at the salon and the hairstyle will give you "bangs" without cutting your hair. Let's get to it! :)

1.Brush your doll's hair(pic. 1). 2.Get a section from the front of her hair in the left side , split it in half and braid them separately(no pic). 3.It should look like this(pic. 3). 4.Now take the front of the right side and hide it behind the other hair(pic. 4 & 5). 5. Now pin it with bobby pins in the back and hide it with the rest of the hair(pic. 6). 6.and your done(pic. 7)    BONUS TIP: To make it girly put a ribbon, flower, or bow.

Love, Elizabeth

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